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Riding Bikes Leaves Marks!

All was going well until mile 15.5, when a bug landed on my ear, and I reached up to brush it off, causing me to take a spill from my bicycle. At the time, I was averaging 18 miles per hour.

I hate bugs. My bike is okay. Left arm took it all, bloody from below elbow to shoulder. Was really worried about the bike, but the nature of the spill spared it and damage.

On my way down, I yelled, “mother fucker!”. None of that “Jesus take the wheel” for this guy. Hello to all the kids on the trail.

Finished my ride, then stopped at Taco Casa for a Taco Salad (priorities, people!). On my way home, I stopped at Walgreens to get patch-up stuff and a friend I bumped into said, “that’s really not a good look on you”.


2014-07-14 18.23.19sm

A Peek Inside My Kitchen

Here’s a peek inside my kitchen… More specifically, inside my kitchen cabinets!

Like Julia Child, I hide conversion charts inside my cabinet doors. But I also hang images that inspire me of people I respect and look up to. This isn’t all of the characters hiding in my kitchen, but just a few…

2014-07-14 18.24.03sm2014-07-14 18.24.18sm2014-07-14 18.24.27sm(Notice a trend in those pictures?)

And then this one of one of my favorite Cincinnatians…

2014-07-14 18.23.51sm


New Road Bike!

Meet my new traveling companion, a Scott CR1 Road Bike…

ScottCR1I’m amazed at what a difference a good road bike makes in my enjoyment of cycling. Since I don’t do mountain biking, riding a mountain bike around was grueling. This is silky smooth, fast, and light. Already racking up the miles as my rides get longer and longer.


Great Dinner Last Night!

Last night, we were joined by newlyweds Stephen & Jessica Williams (congratulations, you two!) of Bouquet Restaurant and Wine Bar for dinner at Jeff Ruby’s Steakhouse, in downtown Cincinnati. Arik Messerschmidt (sous chef) and Nate (our server) made sure we had a wonderful night. Arik, Stephen, Wendy, and I were part of this year’s CHEFS AGAINST CANCER team for RIDE CINCINNATI FOR BREAST CANCER RESEARCH.

The food at the Steakhouse is over-the-top in every way — quality, presentation, and portion sizes. We had a leisurely, enjoyable meal and great conversation. Starting with the Tartar with Quail Egg and Pickled Vegetables, through a special Scallop dish, on to the focus of the evening — delicious dry-aged steaks and great side dishes (Potatoes Anna (a classic!), a Mushroom Medley, Truffle Creamed Corn, and Green Beans with a sinful amount of garlic & butter), and finishing with wonderful (giant) desserts (amazing Carrot Cake, wonderful Ricotta Doughnuts, Macadamia Nut Ice Cream Pie, and Creme Brulee) — everything was top-notch.

Thanks for the great evening, Stephen and Jessica, and thanks to Arik & Nate for taking great care of us!


Server Backed Up

Well, that feels good.

After running for a while (too long!) without a backup, I spent about 45 minutes today performing a full backup of this webserver. I used the excellent Clonezilla bootable CD package and an external USB Hard Drive to perform the backup. Clonezilla also verifies the backup, so I feel pretty confident that we’re covered in case something happens. Let’s hope it doesn’t!

2014-06-08 10.48.48-small

What a Weekend!

Wow… What a few-days-leading-up-to-and-including-this-passed-weekend! Here’s the details…

On Wednesday, June 4th, I worked and taught my COOKING 2 class that evening. After class (starting around 10:30pm), Sean and I cranked out 260 crepes — that took us about 2 hours (then we went for a drink at the now-shuttered BLUE WISP). Late night made for a sleepy Thursday.

On Friday after work, I accompanied Wendy to the RELAY FOR LIFE, where our team (go TEAM TRENDY!) walked, pushed Uncle Al‘s chair around, and Sean & I sold lots of crepes to hungry participants. It was important to Wendy to walk in the Survivor Lap that starts off the relay, and we were able to do that together. Sean & I sold a ton of crepes (apple & Nutella was a surprise hit), and made a bunch of money for RELAY FOR LIFE. We’ll certainly prepare crepes again next year! I got home around 2:30am and crashed out. Wendy stayed and walked the entire night. She’s a rock star.

2014-06-06 21.05.40-small

Saturday morning, after sleeping in a while, I went to work at Jean-Robert’s Table, which is my normal Saturday gig. I didn’t go out for drinks after work, instead coming home and going right to bed.

2014-06-08 10.48.48-small
CHEFS AGAINST CANCER 2014 team members: [back row] Arik, Stephen, Wendy, Travis, Francisco, [middle row] Jean-Robert, Drew, Mirko, Andrew, Bhumin, Taylor, [front row] Melissa, and Jean-Philippe. Not pictured: Ted, Stephen, Suzy, Alfio, Courtney, Sean
On Sunday morning at 6:00am, Wendy & I got up to ride our bicycles in RIDE CINCINNATI FOR BREAST CANCER RESEARCH. Our team, called CHEFS AGAINST CANCER, raised over $4600 for this worthy cause. I was extremely proud of our fund-raising and participation. Thanks to my friend Joanne, we got some nice press, here and hereĀ along with a fair amount of chatter of Facebook.

We had 19 members on the 2014 team, and everyone that rode did an amazing job. Wendy was sporting a very-cool SURVIVOR t-shirt that my friend & colleague Melissa made for her (Melissa DID go to art school, after all). Some of our team members went 18 miles, some of us (including Wendy & me) rode 26, some rode 40+, and a few rode 60+ miles. After the ride, there were lots of well-earned congratulations and thoughts about how to improve our participation next year.

Andrew Bowman and Drew after the ride.
Andrew Bowman and Drew after the ride.

Afterward, we retired to Jean-Robert’s house for strong coffee and spicy Bloody Marys. That is, perhaps, the best restorative combination I know.

Below is a nice video that WLWT did. Spot Jean-Robert, Mirko, and Travis at around 0:27, and Wendy, Ted, Stephen, and me (in yellow t-shirt) at 1:00.

Link to video (opens in a new window).

Today is Monday June 9, and I’m feeling very good. Legs are a little tired, but my heart is full to bursting with gratitude for a wonderful weekend. Thanks to everyone involved!

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