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Hernia Repaired!

Last week, on October 28, 2014 I had an umbilical hernia repaired. This little bump under my skin, near my belly button, was causing a bit of discomfort.

At a visit to my general doctor, he referred me to a local surgeon to do the procedure. I visited the surgeon and showed him my belly. He said, “That’s an umbilical hernia, all right.” to which I replied, “I could have told you that.”, and he said, “Yes, but I didn’t ask you.” I immediately laughed, and so did he. I knew I was in good hands.

I worked through the scheduling and all the pre-test & pre-questions, and received my schedule time.

Wendy & I reported at 8a to Mercy Hospital Fairfield on October 28. I was nervous but did okay. Everyone there was really, really nice and took great care of me. The procedure started around 9:30a and I was awake and ready to go home around 11:30a. Apparently, I woke up asking for cheeseburgers and gin & tonic.

The recovery wasn’t as bad as the groin hernia repair I had 11 years ago. This time, the discomfort was (as expected) in getting up and down, and any sort of bending or lifting. Even that was less uncomfortable than after my groin hernia. But that pain has faded pretty quickly.

Now, almost a week out, I continue to have tenderness at the surgery site and bending over to, say, pick up a dropped piece of paper is still out of the question. However, if I dropped something larger, I can now bend and get it. Lifting heavy stuff is still off-limits. Unfortunately, nearly every one of my animals qualifies as “heavy stuff”.

Getting better all the time!

de Cavel Family SIDS Foundation

This past weekend was the annual Eat. Play. Give. event for the de Cavel Family SIDS Foundation.

The de Cavel Family SIDS Foundation was founded by Jean-Robert & Annette de Cavel and a dedicated group of volunteers and local restaurateurs. Our mission is to raise funds for research, education, and outreach as well as for the memorial Tatiana de Cavel Scholarship at the Midwest Culinary Institute at Cincinnati State.

It has been my honor and pleasure to work on this event since 2005.


Cincinnati Food + Wine Classic, 2014 — Nathan & Sarah

The inaugural Cincinnati Food + Wine Classic event was Sept 12-13, 2014 in Cincinnati’s Washington Park.

The event was amazing, exhausting, energizing, and thrilling. I am so honored to be a part of the Executive Committee that put it together. I could not be more proud.

While I am working through the exhaustion, I wanted to share this GIF of my new friends, Sarah Forman and Nathan Lyon. From the moment we met, it was a love-at-first-sight-type-thing. We hit it off just beautifully. Cannot wait to see them again!

Nathan, Sarah, and Vogel


Riding Bikes Leaves Marks!

All was going well until mile 15.5, when a bug landed on my ear, and I reached up to brush it off, causing me to take a spill from my bicycle. At the time, I was averaging 18 miles per hour.

I hate bugs. My bike is okay. Left arm took it all, bloody from below elbow to shoulder. Was really worried about the bike, but the nature of the spill spared it and damage.

On my way down, I yelled, “mother fucker!”. None of that “Jesus take the wheel” for this guy. Hello to all the kids on the trail.

Finished my ride, then stopped at Taco Casa for a Taco Salad (priorities, people!). On my way home, I stopped at Walgreens to get patch-up stuff and a friend I bumped into said, “that’s really not a good look on you”.


2014-07-14 18.23.19sm

A Peek Inside My Kitchen

Here’s a peek inside my kitchen… More specifically, inside my kitchen cabinets!

Like Julia Child, I hide conversion charts inside my cabinet doors. But I also hang images that inspire me of people I respect and look up to. This isn’t all of the characters hiding in my kitchen, but just a few…

2014-07-14 18.24.03sm2014-07-14 18.24.18sm2014-07-14 18.24.27sm(Notice a trend in those pictures?)

And then this one of one of my favorite Cincinnatians…

2014-07-14 18.23.51sm


New Road Bike!

Meet my new traveling companion, a Scott CR1 Road Bike…

ScottCR1I’m amazed at what a difference a good road bike makes in my enjoyment of cycling. Since I don’t do mountain biking, riding a mountain bike around was grueling. This is silky smooth, fast, and light. Already racking up the miles as my rides get longer and longer.

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